Lessons with Robert Griffin

I've been teaching piano for more than 40 years. You can see on my BIO that I did time at Syracuse University, Campbell University and UNC-Asheville; however, I have mostly taught privately due a healthy fear of being institutionalized.

Beginners are just fine with me and I welcome all ages - nobody is too old. In fact, I have a full class of grown-ups (and to think I didn't like them when I was a teenager). My only reuirement is that a student gives me 100% at lesson time so we can have the fun we're supposed to have. That's not to say that we don't work hard but it's just got to be fun.

I've developed a reputation for teaching music - all types, and not just jazz. And I have quite a few ex-students out there playing for a living. But I also like teaching harmony, theory and improvisation along with the printed page so that a student is capable of really understanding the printed page. I work towards helping a student play the music that they want to play. I want them to ultimately be able to take any song that they like and develop an arrangement by themselves. Classical music? Sure! That's what I did until I was about 30 years young. So that's not a problem. I have my lessons together in a "book" and have it all on a computer disc. It's ready to roll when you are!

I also provide cd's of drums tracks for rehearsing (metronome with groove) and CD's of easy music for the beginning improviser to have fun playing with right away. No ten year plan.

So the idea is to move through learning all the necessary harmony lessons while playing right away. Having fun playing with recordings, learning so much by osmosis. In fact, playing with records is a big part of what we do. Beyond the things necessary to understand playing music, I am totally open to whatever music a student wishes to pursue. Of course if the music doesn't have chord changes or a melody, then it's probably not a good teaching vehicle but it's not difficult to find something that works and a student likes.

So let's give it shot - I am sure we can have a good time learning together! Send me an email at robertgriffin@nc.rr.com or give a call at 919.942.8075.

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