Blue Spot in C Minor

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Blue Spot in C minor. New group? Not really. I have played together with drummer Chuck Leonard for twenty years. Carter Minor, vocalist and harp player, and I, Robert Griffin, go back over ten years. But we've just recorded a CD of jazz standards and really needed to have a name. Blue Spot is actually the title of a song that I wrote for Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad as we were about to go on tour - a blowing tune ( hopefully, the Squad will record it later ). And then there is C minor. We have to thank Carter's parents for that part. Carter Minor or just C minor - just sounds like music doesn't it?

Although we have all had lots playing time together, it was really at Fusion's Restaurant in Chapel Hill that the group was formed. Keith Raitano, the owner, had hired us for a few gigs and before we knew it, we were there every Friday for a couple of years. Keith loves music and, unlike a lot of club owners, has lots of respect for musicians. He was such a pleasure to work with and he eventually helped a lot of young talent as well as inspiring some outrageous jam sessions with the likes of Roy Hargrove, Eve Cornelious, Chip Crawford, Elmer Gibson, Jimbo Mathis and Taz Halloween to name a few. A good gig, a good club and fine humans.

Since that time Chuck, Carter and I have worked constantly doing mostly private functions. We've recently been playing out more just because it's such a pleasure and because phone keeps ringing. We're primarily playing in the triangle area so just check my schedule on this web site and you'll know where we are. This recording: yet another idea from Steven Forrest. Recording a gig isn't so unusual, but it doesn't usually come out this good. It took time for good mic placement by Steven and a good sound check, which we got. And later, some fine engineering from Daryl Young helped make this a keeper. There was just enough audience present to make us stay loose and have a good time. And the feel is just, well, you decide.

Don Gladstone. Wow. We invited Don to come play bass with us that night. He proved that although his reputation is stellar, it's still not as great as he deserves. Don plays with all the best in the triangle area including being the bassist for The North Carolina Jazz Repetory Orchestra, a group you must see to believe, Very hot. Thank you Don for great music and sense of humor.

Please check out the sound clips on this site. The CD, Live At Seven Paws, is available on the site as well. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you.

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