'Round Midnight

'Round Midnight is the first band I was in. It began in 1978 playing their first year 4 nights a week for about 18 months. I on piano, Rita Hayes on fabulous vocals and flute, Jeff Johnson on bass and guitar and Perry Hines on drums. It was strictly a jazz group, even doing some originals, and managed to stay booked playing clubs in a 2 hour radius of Asheville, NC. Rita Hayes and Jeff Johnson have continued to work together and their current band, BRAIDSTREAM has been together ever since I left the area in 1982. The band is constantly busy for obvious reasons, just really fine eclectic music. No longer just a jazz band they do a wide variety of styles as you can see from their most recent release for sale on this website. As soon as it is up we'll have a link to their site. You're going to love them.